Big vent in the workplace

Let myself and others tell you a little bit about the office I find myself working in these days. Imagine the most bleak, boring, and emotionally barren office you can picture. The pale, ugly light tubes that buzz all day long, the horror of sad people crowded around the water cooler talking about exhausting TV sitcoms, but every day seems to drain our soul a little bit more. As if the locale wasn’t exhausting enough, the people in it make everything so much worse. What a collection of the dullest dregs that humanity has to offer, and myself and others trapped in the middle of it. Without the a/c I might have long ago lost our mind. Thankfully, our cubicle is way back in the far corner, right next to the largest air vent in the building. Whenever the Heating plus Air Conditioning system kicks on, there is a “whoosh” sound and the air starts to literally blast out of the vent. I can’t keep loose papers on the desk, or the AC will literally blow them all over the cubicle. I have to wear a jacket to toil every day, because the cooling is that intense, although I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The AC is so loud is drowns out everyone else, and I can’t hear their mindless drudgery. If they ever update to a nicer, newer, or quieter Heating plus Air Conditioning system I may have to find a up-to-date job, because the deafening roar is what keeps myself and others going. I will gladly take the deranged cooling of our vent to the abject torture of listening to myself and others co-workers.


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