HVAC in the whole home

Life on the lake is the only life for me.

I thought that as a kid, when my family would spend our summers at the lake house, and I still think it this week.

That lake apartment is long gone, and indeed this is a unusual lake in a unusual state, but it still takes myself and others back to the nice outdated mornings, but once I saw this location I knew it would be the location for myself and others to build my own lake house, the a single I consistently dreamed of owning. It took a lot of work just to get to this point, so I can live here but the work is far from done. I have a few weeks until the lack of na HVAC proposal becomes a major problem, so I need to work fast. The structure is in location, the windows and doors are installed so the next project will have to be installing heating and cooling systems. I started building when I did because I knew it would be a while before HVAC was possible, and I didn’t want to roast or freeze out there. For now I am going to purchase a box style AC component to put in my living room window, as a “safe room” when the weather turns hot. Then I can afford to take my time, because putting in radiant heated flooring is no straight-forward task! I also want to install a geothermal heating pump to save on utility bills and generate all the power I will ever need, but that won’t happen for a couple weeks.


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