Investing in a dehumidifier for the smallest apartment

I am struggling to keep up with our various bills.

  • I have large student loans to spend money off, a car payment & some debit card debt.

My Grandma & Grandpa were kind enough to help myself and others out by setting up an apartment for myself and others in their basement. I don’t spend money any rent at all, which is just awesome. The space is plenty large enough for me, & I have our own private bathroom & entrance. Plus, I have access to the washer & dryer, & our Grandma often cooks myself and others dinner. It’s a actually great setup for me. My only issue with the space was the moisture. I don’t need to worry about temperature control, because the basement has access to the ductlabor vents. I share in the heating & cooling for the rest of the house. Although there’s only a single temperature control upstairs, I’m fine with the temperature our Grandparents’ choose. They enjoy to keep the home a little warmer than I’d like, but the basement is officially a bit cooler. Unfortunately, it’s also damp. When I first moved in, I was having trouble with mold & mildew growth. I was suffering from constant headaches & flu-like symptoms, including sore throat, itchy eyeah & sneezing. I tried running a bunch of fans, but that didn’t honestly resolve the problem. I eventually invested in a dehumidifier. I purchased a top quality humidifier which runs quietly & effectively handles the excessive moisture. I can customize the settings, & there’s a turbo mode for when the water levels are high. I simply need to empty the reservoir of the humidifier every afternoon.


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Cape Town, South Africa