A ductless multi-split idea

A little over a year ago, I started looking into all different types of portable heating plus cooling units.

  • The study rooms in my house consistently seemed to be overheated in the summer time plus cold in the winter.

There simply aren’t enough vents in these rooms, plus they’re situated the furthest from the oil furnace plus central a/c. To target comfort levels, I’d need to dramatically adjust the thermostat plus impact the entire house. This meant overworking the a/c plus oil furnace, plus spending a fortune on energy bills. Plus, while the study rooms were nice plus comfortable, the rest of the house was either freezing cold or horribly overheated, but although I wasn’t cheerful with the idea of space oil furnaces plus window a/cs, I wasn’t sure what else to do! During my research, I came across ductless multi-splits systems. At first, I was confused by what this type of idea gave plus how it worked. A ductless heat pump starts with a single outdoor compressor component that is really low profile plus quiet. The compressor links to 1 or multiple indoor air handlers via a conduit that houses the refrigerant plus drainage lines. The indoor air handlers are mounted on an exterior wall of each of the rooms, plus are super lightweight plus compact. Installing the air handlers requires little more than a small hole in the wall, so there is no major teardown, mess or construction. The ductless heat pump provides both heating plus cooling capacity plus exceptional efficiency… Each air handler features an independent thermostat, allowing the study rooms to be set to customized temperatures. The ductless idea was the ideal solution for our needs.

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