Thawing a car out with heat and cooling it off with the air conditioner

People in colder climates need to get the engine started in their vehicle and leave it running for a good long while, as well as turn their defrost on to melt the ice off and get the car warm.

I’m glad I almost never have to do that before my morning commute to work, even during the winter.

I might have to scrape a thin sheet of ice off my windshield and windows now and again during the worst of the winter weather, but that’s not often. The heating system in my vehicle hardly ever gets any use. However, there is sort of an opposite ritual the people who live down here in the South have to do now and again when it’s time to get in the car, especially in the summertime. You have to open the car doors and blast the air conditioner! If you try to get into a hot car after it’s been sitting in the afternoon sun without doing these things, it will feel like an oven inside. You have to let the cold air conditioner blast the hot air out of the vehicle. I even leave all the windows open for a couple minutes after leaving the driveway to blast the remaining hot air out with the air conditioner. Maybe I would prefer to have to thaw my car out with heat instead! My sister doesn’t believe in this tactic of opening all the windows to let the A/C push the hot air out. Anytime I ride with her, she does not do that on a hot day, because she thinks we’re just letting more hot air in!

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