Cleaner air quality for my asthma and allergies

When I went to the doctors this week, I expected him to release me from his care.

  • I hadn’t had a serious asthma attack in about eight years.

When I did have one, it was usually induced by my allergies, or some sort of allergen, and it was easily handled with my inhaler. I was really upset when I walked out of there with another prescription and two different oxygen devices. I couldn’t believe it, since I was feeling so well. I had a few minor problems with feeling faint and out of breath, but I had gained a few pounds. Now, I had to act like an old person and carry oxygen around all of the time. I was so bummed and depressed that I just wanted to crawl into bed and forget anyone existed, but I couldn’t. I had a husband who needed to be fed and a child that needed his mommy. I was talking to the HVAC technician a couple days later, and he told me that he had a couple customers who were on oxygen. He told me that most of them were able to only be on oxygen when they were doing a lot of exercise, like when they were shopping or doing yoga. He said that with an air purification system, the air quality was so much improved that they were breathing better. I liked the way this conversation was going and I told him I was going to talk to my husband. We got the information on the air purification system and we found out that it was going to be cheaper to install the air purification system into the HVAC system. Now, I just need to talk to my doctor.


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