The Golden oldies go skiing

A couple months ago, my friends and I had heard about a special skiing event.

  • They were advertising a special weekend, with great prices and music from the sixties and seventies.

They included free daytime ski passes, and my buddies and I were in. Two of us could go for the price of what one would pay normally, and we all liked that old time rock and roll of the sixties and seventies. When the weekend rolled around, we were all excited to get to the lodge and get in some skiing before the dining and dancing began. When we got to the lodge, they showed us to our room, but everyone was looking at us kind of oddly. There were a bunch of old people sitting by the fireplace. Some of them had on skiing clothing, but most of them were just huddled up by the fireplace, to stay warm. We kind of shrugged and got ready to go out onto the slopes. We saw a couple of cute girls, but they were working at the lodge and even they were giving us odd looks. It wasn’t until the one asked if we were there with our grandparents that we realized there really was something odd going on. She told us that this was the golden oldies weekend, as in it was meant for older people. We got dates with the girls for that night, but we weren’t able to sit by the fireplace, or listen to the music. We did go to their cabin for a couple of hours and listen to real music and there was even a bit of romance by their gas fireplace.
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