We’re installing central AC and need ductwork

Last year, my wife and I decided to install air conditioning into our home.

  • We had been considering a new air conditioning system, ever since we realized how old our current window air conditioners were.

We knew their life span was spent and we wanted to have a new plan in place before the old AC units died. We had talked to a HVAC company and for the size of our home, they thought it would be less expensive to have a central air conditioning system installed. They also suggested Zone Control, the way we had with the heating. They talked about installing the air vents closer to the ceiling instead of on the floor. They also told us that we could have the dehumidification system installed which would eliminate our portable dehumidifiers. We learned that there was an air purification system that could be installed that would eliminate a lot of the dust, which was a source of allergies for both my wife and myself. This really seemed like the easiest and best solution for us. My wife’s only question was whether it was going to be messy when they installed the ductwork. The HVAC tech told us they would use the ductwork that was already in place and he would make arrangements to have it inspected before we had it cleaned and the AC unit installed. Two weeks later, we had new ductwork being installed because we had leaks and breaks throughout the ductwork system. There was even some rust that was floating in the pipes. This was not an expense we expected.



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