I take being comfortable in my home seriously

I take the comfort of my home very seriously.

When I am out there working my butt off during the week, I feel like I’m putting my time in, you know? I feel like after working so hard, it’s my right to come home to a very comfortable environment in which I can kick back and relax.

I’ve got comfortable furniture, a big screen TV, and so on. However, there is nothing in terms of comfort that I take more seriously then my climate control system. I especially take good care of my air conditioning system. It gets hot as blazes around here. I don’t know a single soul around here who does not have at least some form of air conditioning in their home and if I did know anyone who did not, I probably wouldn’t associate with them if they were willingly going without it, because they would obviously be insane. I have a programmable thermostat for the express purpose of being able to walk through my front door after every work day into a perfectly cool and comfortable house. Because I arrive back home at 6 o’clock sharp, I know that I can set the thermostat to start cooling the home down about 30 minutes before I arrive. Plus I never have to experience a house without air conditioning for a moment. Why would anyone ever want to be uncomfortable in the place that they live? You can bet that I get all the necessary maintenance done on my air conditioning system to ensure that I can rely on it as often as I do.


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