Radiant heated floors make enduring a cold, wet day easier

The key is that my environment is as warm and comfortable as possible.

I have a ritual for a cold, wet weekend in the winter time. It’s more enjoyable for me than you may think. In fact, I look forward to such days. You see, the more dreary the weather is outside, the more cozy, bright, warm, and inviting my home is. I’ll wake up, slip out of bed, and place my bare feet on my radiant heated floors. Trust me, that’s a great start to a cold day. Then, I will take a nice warm shower. After that, I’ll start a fire in the fireplace, cook breakfast, eat, and then sit down with a nice, warm cup of tea on the couch to enjoy the warmth of both the fireplace and my radiant heated flooring as I read a good book, or write, or in short do anything enjoyable. The key is that my environment is as warm and comfortable as possible. That’s an easy environment to create when I have the benefit of radiant heated floors. They keep each room of my home evenly heated because the heat originates from below the floorboards rather than above in the ceiling. Obviously, the closer the heat hangs to the floor, the more it is actually appreciated, as we are certainly not walking around on the ceiling! Ever since I discovered radiant heated floors and had them installed in my home, I have never looked back. It makes cold and wet winter days so much more enjoyable, because I know I will be protected from the bitter cold with the best heating system possible.


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