Air Conditioning is More Important than the Furnace in My City

Let’s just admit it.

We are creatures of both habit and comfort.

We like the security that habits bring to us – assuming of course that they are good habits. If they are bad habit, we may be living the illusion that they bring us security, but of course they do not. Contrary to the notion that habits may be god or bad, there are few people who would argue that comforts are bad. WE love our creature comforts, and I daresay, we need them. I truly believe that if I did not have a roof over my head, I would not survive. I also truly believe that if I did not have air conditioning for any great length of time, I would not survive. You see, I live in the southeast. This region of the country gets extraordinarily hot and humid and stays that way for months on end. In fact, many elderly or infirm people do indeed die every year because they did not have air conditioning to keep them from getting heat stroke. Yet, there is no law that forces builders or landlords to provide air conditioning. In the northern parts of the country, and perhaps even here, you cannot rent a residence that does not have a heater. Whether it’s a furnace, a boiler, a central heating and cooling system, or whatever. You must provide heating. Well, in my city, air conditioning is more important that a furnace.I do not think it should be legal to sell or rent a piece of property without air conditioning of some sort.

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