Camping in an old trailer was more pleasant than you might think

When my buddies and I planned out a camping trip last fall, we didn’t think about sleeping arrangements. I had my own tent, but my friends aren’t exactly the planning types! More often than not, they wing it whenever it comes to plans like this. So, I fully expected to show up at the campsite, and find that they were sitting on the ground in front of a firepit. To my surprise, I showed up and saw a pretty big trailer and generator parked on our campsite! I thought that it surely couldn’t be theirs, but my friends stepped out of it with a grin. As I stepped into the trailer, I was instantly rushed with cool air from the air conditioning system inside the RV. They had solid shelter as well as air conditioning?! I was green with envy. As the day wore on, we sat outside by a campfire, talking and reminiscing as our friend cooked in the trailer. When it came time for us to go to sleep, it was pretty cold outside – and I hadn’t even set up my tent yet. As the temperature kept dropping and the fire died down, my friends saved me the embarrassment and told me there was enough room for me in the camper. When I walked into the camper, they had a heating system running to provide plenty of warmth. The air quality in that camper was so nice compared to the smoke-filled air I had been breathing in all night! I wound up having such a great time with my buddies at the campsite, we agreed to do it again. Of course, my friends would need to borrow this old camper for the trip!

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