Enjoy Air Conditioning at a Hometown Hotel instead of a Traditional Vacation

Is there anyone who does not like to go on vacation? I think vacation is a universal pleasure.

  • Almost everyone either dreams of going on vacation or actually does go on vacation at least every couple of years.

Well, I decided after my last vacation that I am not likely to go on an actual vacation again, but I am likely to do a hometown vacation every year. A hometown vacation is not the same as a staycation. A hometown vacation is packing a bag and going to stay at a hotel in your own hometown. Use the air conditioning for free. Lie around the pool and enjoy the heater they have in it. Eat out. Go to the movies or go shopping. Whatever you would do on a traditional vacation, you can do in your own hometown. Be sure to do the best part. Get a hotel room because it is wonderful to be able to set the a/c thermostat wherever you want it to be. Blast the a/c until you want to hide under the blankets. Or, if you prefer, have those air vents just send a whisper of air conditioning your way. The point is that whatever you want the a/c to be like, it can be like. And whatever you pay for your room stays the same price! If you want the air conditioner to make your room resemble a walk-in cooler, so be it! I find this kind of getaway to be the most wonderful kind of trip. The planning is minimal. The packing is practically a cinch. Someone cleans up after you every morning. And there is no one making you put your shampoo in a tiny bottle at risk of being strip searched.

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