My first time at the zoo had me rushing for A/C

Before I get into this story, let me just explain that I tend to have a problem with strong smells.

I have a sensitive sense of smell, and it doesn’t take much to put me off when I detect something I don’t like.

Even pleasant smells in high doses can be just awful for me! With that being said, I went to the zoo for the first time with my girlfriend the other day. Let me just say that I was not prepared for the smell! The zoo is nothing but wild animals after all, so I really should’ve thought about how it would smell like wild animals in the park. So I tried to make the most of it, but I spent as much time in the air conditioning as possible. The air quality throughout the park was just terrible, despite being an open-air environment! The strong odors were just too much. Thankfully, several of the indoor shops, cafes and other places to eat are equipped with two powerful HVAC tools. The cafe in particular has a solid central A/C system, and also has an air purification system set to run throughout the day. The air purifier is the lifesaver in this place, as it gets rid of bacteria in the air as well as strong smells. They also have exhaust fans running in the cafe, so any smells that are brought in usually get pushed back outside. It was a nice day, but I was practically running back to the car to enjoy my own air conditioning system. Getting home was even better, as my home always has excellent air quality throughout the year. Next time I go to the zoo, I’m bringing a nose plug.