Southerners Love Iced Tea, Mint Juleps, and A/C

Are you a southerner? Or are you a northerner? Personally, I was born in the northeast but I have lived in the southeast since I was a young child.

  • I know that there are definitely differences between southerners and northerners.

When you meet someone who rushes you, cuts you off mid-sentence, talks really loudly over you, or rolls their eyes at something you say, you can pretty much bet that they are northerners. Northerners don’t seem to love anything, and they have the gentility of a hungry alligator. Southerners, on the other hand, might be prone to say, “bless her heart,” when she does something stupid. She will not cut you off mid-sentence and tell you what’s what. Southerners definitely love things, as well. Iced tea is something any southerner loves and knows how to make. Between the blast from the air vent and a tall glass of iced tea, you will love a southern home. Most southerners also enjoy a lovely mint julep. The mint is so refreshing. Most of all, southerners absolutely love air conditioning. You can find people alive still today who can remember what it was like before air conditioning became commonplace. They can probably remember the first building in their hometown that offered a/c. Likely, it was the movie theater. Perhaps it was a grocery store or the pharmacy. In any event, air conditioning is vital in the south. No one would ever live here if suddenly Congress passed a law against using the a/c. Northerners don’t seem to love anything. Southerners truly adore iced tea, mint juleps and a fully functioning air conditioner.


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