The challenges that come with having an old fashioned heater

I’ve been relying on the same old heating system for as long as I’ve had this house.

That’s over ten years that I’ve spent in this place, suffering through the bitter-cold winter months.

What does my heating system do during these cold, dark nights? It practically sits idle, running quietly yet providing no real heat to my home. Since the winters are short here, I usually put off buying a new heating system. I mean, why invest so much money into a system I’ll use for a month at most? Well, I think that logic has finally run its course. Now I just want to get this sorted out before the next freezing cold winter! I’ve been looking into my options as far as heating goes, and I think I want to try out radiant heated floors. They seem like an investment, both in time and in money, but the end result is too tempting! The way radiant heated floors work is by providing heat from the ground up. This is caused by electric cables, or hot water pipes, which run under the floorboards. Those heat sources then spread heat up through the floor, and into the space of the house. How cool is that? Since the system is practically silent, you end up with a fully covered layer of warmth in your home. While the heat comes in slowly, it gradually fills the entire room with a warmth that eliminates cold spots. How could I say no to such a tempting system?


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