You preheat the oven, so why not preheat the house?

When it comes to maintaining equipment in the house, the best thing you can do for avoiding wear and tear is to lower the workload.

This applies to virtually everything, from your dishwasher and clothes dryer to the HVAC system.

For the heating and air conditioning system, the big problem I’m seeing in my house lately is that the heating and A/C will use a ton of energy just to heat or cool my home. I know this, because the air conditioning unit is the second highest power consumer in my home. It is second only to my electric furnace, which uses almost five times as much electricity! When you really get down to it, the heating and air conditioning systems are the highest energy users of nearly any household in the country. So what do you do to improve efficiency? Outside of the obvious, which is to refrain from using the HVAC system, the next best thing to use is an energy recovery ventilator. This is a specific piece of equipment that is usually found inside the air ducts of a home’s HVAC system. The purpose of the energy recovery ventilator is simple – take existing heat inside the house, exhaust it, but use it to warm the air that’s coming into the house in the process. This works in the summer too, as cold air from the A/C unit would be passed outside – but not before pre-cooling the incoming air. This equipment is a great way to improve efficiency with both heating and air conditioning systems, and can heavily reduce the amount of work that either system has to perform. What is there to lose?


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