1 month with no heat

I thought last month’s heat wave was the worst I would ever experienced in my life.

Outdoor temperatures hovered around 110 degrees in the days plus the low 90s at night.

Usually all of us get some respite after sundown, however not in this kind of weather. I will cut a sweat simply laying still on my porch for more than a few minutes at a time. My dog hates it too; most days he sunbathes for minutes on end, however while all of us were in this heatwave he’d run back inside each time after doing his business. As awful as last month’s heat wave was, this month is looking like it might surpass the prior month’s intensity. The two of us are forecasted to have highs close to 115 degrees next week. To make matters worse, I desperately need repairs on my air conditioner. The fan motor in the air handler needs to be replaced however all of the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C dealers in the section are backed up several weeks with service, replacement, plus repair work. The earliest appointment I could find after aggressively calling around was next Sunday. Although I could realistically be waiting longer for repairs, it’s still daunting to know I will have to make it through the next more than five days without a/c in my house. Not only am I going to.be angry, however my dog will as well. I have considered buying a portable air conditioner to get through the next week, however it’s seriously taxing to justify the $200 purchase when I know I absolutely will not have a use for it after my central air conditioner is repaired. But, if I could sell it used for a small hit, it might be worth it. Going without a/c in the south is awful enough as it is, however doing it while all of us were in a 115 degree heat wave is down right inconceivable. At the very least I know my dog will care about the effort plus the relief the equipment will bring us for the time being.

a/c professional

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