It seems that I get sick no matter how many apples I eat per day

I don’t actually believe that if you eat an apple a day, it keeps the doctor away.

I used to always hear that saying from my parents and I love to eat apples! Forget just one apple a day, I eat a whole bunch of them.

Yet still, I manage to get sick periodically despite the fact that I always eat so many. So I know that saying isn’t the actual truth, but there are things that I can do to keep a lot healthier. One of the best things that I can do is keep good air quality in my home. I find that a big reason why a lot of people get sick is because of poor air quality. Since we are in control of how the air quality is in our households, it’s smart to take steps to make your air quality great. For starters, I change the air filters to my HVAC system regularly. I also use special air filters designed for people who suffer from allergies. I find that by using the nicest air filters, it allows for the best air quality! Another important thing is to have your ductwork cleaned every so often. The more you are able to do this, the less you have to worry about all kinds of dirt and germs hiding out in the system of ductwork. I don’t have an air purification system yet, but I hear this is a fabulous way to improve the air quality. I know that the UV air purification systems are the best because they also get rid of harmful bacteria and viruses that are lingering in the air.


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