Multi Split Heating, Ventilation, & A/C Technology

The utility savings alone will help defray the costs

I have consistently wanted to turn an old building into something I could live in. Be careful what you wish for could be the lesson there. An old lay alone 2 story building which once housed a pharmacy came on the market. The price was rock bottom given the location. However, once I had a look around the place, I could see why. The place was a wreck inside. It appeared as though it had been completed looted out. However, the structure was top notch & I could envision just exactly what I had consistently longed for. But, it was going to take work & currency. Lots of currency. The Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system was simply non existent. It appeared to have been an archaic central air system. I wanted to get the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C right from the beginning so I could at least live in the structure while the renovation was ongoing. I for sure didn’t want to hang ducts & go the whole important central air system for the building. So, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about a new technology called the multi chop heating & cooling system. Utilizing this technology would be helpful on numerous fronts. First, no ductwork is necessary at all. And, upgrade is quick & painless. Air handlers are hung on exterior wall which are then connected to condenser units on the outside of the building. It took about a day to have the whole thing out in. I will also be reaping the benefits of the efficiency of this technology. The utility savings alone will help defray the costs. So, I have a single major hurdle accomplished to make the building at least livable. But, the finish line for this renovation is still far off in the distance.

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