I Went to A New Place plus The Air Conditioning Isn’t Working

It’s been 3 afternoons plus I still haven’t heard from them

I’ve made a horrible mistake. Last week, I signed a lease for a charming apartment downtown in our favorite city. I’d been putting extra money aside for years now, in hopes of moving closer to work plus residing in the midst of it all. Before, I was renting a several family room 1 bath apartment on the outskirts of the city with a colleague. We had a fantastic time, however I was determined to follow our dream of residing within the city. The apartment I just started renting is much smaller in size, with only 1 family room plus 1 bath. I was wonderful with this because it’s in the perfect city, plus I can walk to work now. As I was unpacking our boxes of stuff, I noticed howwarmmy apartment was. I could hear our AC coming through the vents on high speed, however the air coming out was warm. This was odd since I’d set our temperature control like I normally would at our other apartment. Instead of letting the warm air pump into our apartment, I shut it off completely plus opened the only several windows I had. From there, Unpacking became more plus more hard due to the heat. I called our new property owner, however they didn’t opening up. I left a detailed message explaining the problem I was having with the AC plus recommended a local Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman in village that had fantastic reviews. It’s been 3 afternoons plus I still haven’t heard from them. It feels like I’m residing in a heatbox. With summer time right around the corner, I’m beginning to panic.

New heating units

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Cape Town, South Africa