Beware Copper Thieves Wrecking Your HVAC System

I walked out of my house this morning to a shocking sight.

First, I woke up to zero air conditioning. I checked the thermostat for power but that wasn’t the problem at all. The thermostat read 78 degrees but the setting was still reading 70. I checked all the breakers before walking out the front door. I rounded the corner and then froze in my tracks. The condenser cover of my HVAC unit had been removed and was leaning against my house. The guts of the condenser were then strewn across my backyard. For what seemed like minutes, I just stood there attempting to process the picture before me. Had a metal eating monster swooped in and decided to munch on my heating and cooling unit? Were there rogue packs of dogs that had a metal fetish? I couldn’t begin to figure out what I was looking at exactly. However, it slowly started to come to me. I had been the victim of copper thieves. I remembered reading about how some people will actually tear apart your perfectly good condenser unit to get at the copper inside. They then sell this copper for pennies on the dollar. But, I’m the one who has to deal with the aftermath. The insurance company wasn’t very cool about it. They are sending out an investigator. I had to have a cop come out and waste his time to file a report. And none of this is going to get my house cool today. Lucky for me it’s just a hundred degrees outside.


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