DIY for HVAC Energy Savings is Worth the Effort

I know it’s coming and I can’t do anything about it.

It comes every month no matter whether I hide under the bed or not.

It appears on the kitchen table all fat and expensive. The utility bill during the summer is not my friend. In fact, that bill is the cause of a great deal of stress for me. I live in an area where air conditioning is a near constant throughout the summer. So when those summer energy bill arrive, I dive for cover. Perhaps these bills would be easier to stomach if I was a bit more proactive about reducing the load on my HVAC system. Maybe stressing less and doing more would be a better solution than hiding from an inanimate object. I changed the air filter which was way overdue. I know this is a big deal because an HVAC system has to have optimum airflow to operate efficiently and effectively. A clogged air filter is one of the worst things for any heating and cooling system. I went outside and weeded around the condenser unit to be sure that it too was getting the maximum airflow. While I was out there, I also cleaned off the condenser cabinet so there would be no debris gumming up the works. Back inside, I made certain that all of the vents were open. I also paid special attention to the returns to be absolutely sure they were unobstructed. The old curtains even came in handy. They were from a house we had before but I decided to hang them to help. Just covering direct sun windows with curtains or shades can greatly reduce the ambient temperature. Just doing these few things will help the next time that horrible bill comes in the mail.
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