Good HVAC Habits Start With the Air Filter

Attempting to change my less than stellar habits has taken up a great deal of time in this life.

It almost appears that I have more bad habits than I do good habits. However, there have been a few habits that have turned out to not be so bad. I thought drinking a couple of glasses of wine during dinner was a bad habit. Well, according to some leading medical experts, not so much anymore. I’m doubtful there will ever be a study recommending cigar smoking. HVAC bad habits will cost you money. That is a simple fact. Most of us don’t pay all that much attention to our heating and cooling systems. They heat or cool us and that seems to be about enough. Unfortunately, it takes a bit more effort than that. Start with changing the air filter. This is about the easiest and often very effective way to help keep your HVAC unit in top form. Mostly, I forget to change the air filter on time. To be really on top of it, we should all change our air filters every 30 days without fail. A really clogged up air filter can seriously undermine your HVAC. Air flow is the life blood of any HVAC system. If a dirty air filter is restricting the airflow then there is a great deal of added stress applied to the unit. So, keep that air filter clean. And while we’re at it, let’s all take an extra five minutes to walk around our homes to check the vents. All vents need to be open and free from obstruction as well. Air flow is the name of the game.

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