I Hate Being Hot at Baseball Games:

My husband is an athletic trainer for a popular baseball team.

  • Landing a job in baseball was a dream come true for him, because he’s always adored watching the game on TV, and also played a little in high school.

As his wife, I’m not exactly pleased that he ended up working for a baseball team, when there are so many other amazing sports he could work with. For starters, baseball takes forever to play. Nine innings is just too much, and the games can drag on when you’re sitting in the stands. Which brings me to my second complaint. Baseball stadiums are super uncomfortable. Not only are you sitting on a rock hard chair for three hours, but you’re sitting in the direct sunlight. My husband has the luxury of sitting in the cool, shaded dugout. I on the other hand, am not as fortunate. I want to be supportive, so I still come to as many games as I can. To make life easier, I pack a few essentials. I always bring a cooler with my snacks because there’s no telling how long the game will last. Second, I pack a portable fan that clips to the chair in front of me and a portable AC unit. Some will call me extra, but I cannot stand being hot and sweaty while watching a game. Once your clothes are saturated in sweat, there’s no going back. I only whip out my portable AC unit during extreme measures, because I don’t want to be too overdramatic. However, the portable fan is great at keeping me cool and moving the air around me.


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