A tornado destroyed my only two air conditioners

Living down south where I am has is advantages and disadvantages.

  • I grew up in the northeast, and I never really liked it there.

I loved my family, friends, and home, but the weather was terrible. It was really only warm for about two and half months per year. I am a person that it naturally cold all of the time, so living in a cold climate is not enjoyable for me. I moved down south about five years ago, and I love how warm it is for most of the year. The only downside to where I live is all of the tornados that come through. I have been through four tornadoes since I moved down here. Thankfully, only one of them did damage to my house. The last one that came through destroyed the windows and siding on one side of my house. Along with destroying the windows, it destroyed my only two air conditioners. Unfortunately, both of my air conditioners were on the same side of the house, so they were destroyed by the tornado’s powerful winds. I live in an old house, so using window units is one of my only options for cooling my house. For some reason I could not get my insurance to cover two new air conditioners, so I had to pay for them out of pocket. I know that it could be worse, but even going one evening without air conditioning is not fun. I hardly slept the night that I did not have air conditioning, so I knew I had to go and buy new air conditioners the very next day. I got a good deal on them, and I am really just thankful to have a cool house once again.


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