As a handyman, I handle HVAC maintenance

I didn’t start out as the handyman for the apartment building, but that’s where I landed.

  • In the beginning, I was the cleaning guy.

I mopped and polished the floors on weekends. I took care of the seemingly endless bins of trash. When I discovered something that needed fixing, I would do the best I could. I realized that I was pretty good at it! I began assisting a few of the renters with minor repairs. Before long, the management needed to hire a new cleaning person because I had become a full time handyman. One of the most difficult things for me to handle are the Heating and Air Conditioning systems installed in the apartments. I understand the basics of heating and cooling, just from practical experience, but the technology behind the operation is beyond me. Technicians go to school and pass certification tests to work in the HVAC field. I know that HVAC repair is above my pay grade. However, I found that just knowing the basics about HVAC equipment helped tremendously. I realized that most of the renters don’t know how to change the air filter. Some simply neglect the job. The majority of Heating and Air Conditioning concerns are caused by simple negligence. The renters don’t keep up with the essential jobs that keep the system running efficiently. If there is a major Heating or Air Conditioning malfunction, I always hire an expert. Now that I have started performing routine A/C and heating system inspections every few months, the number of emergencies have decreased. I’ve figured out that proactive measures are the way to keep HVAC units running reliably!

Zoned HVAC

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