Childhood home didn’t have central heating

Some of the best memories of my life are when I would sit in an old rocking chair in the living room, listening to records with my dad.

He always loved music.

He had big plastic crates filled with vinyl LPs. This was prior to the invention of cassette tapes or CDs. Vinyl records and 8 track tapes were the only way we could listen to music. Technology has certainly come a long way in a short time! My dad really liked rock music, from all eras, and he would play his albums for hours on end. The heater was located in the living room. This was helpful because of the severe cold weather we got during the winter. The house was extremely old, so there was no central Heating or Air Conditioning system to handle temperature control. On freezing cold evenings, the living room was the warmest spot. When the winter temperatures dipped super low, we would turn up the setting on that old heater. It always smelled a little weird, but it would make the whole room toasty warm. The rooms of the house weren’t equipped with any ducts to spread the heat. We would leave the doors of our bedrooms open and hope the warmth would spread through the whole house. We went without a lot of modern luxuries. I didn’t have a TV growing up. My parents shared a single car. I never felt like I needed anything more. My dad still keeps his record collection. However, my parents don’t live in that old house without adequate heating or cooling anymore. We now turn up the thermostat on winter nights when we listen to some music together.
Cooling expert

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