I am studying to become a certified HVAC contractor

Without a high school diploma, I didn’t have a whole lot of job opportunities.

A job as a custodian task was pretty good.

The job provided pay above minimum wage, and benefits. After the first 6 months, I started to earn sick days. This was way better than the fast food jobs that had seemed to be my only other career option. I worked hard, did a good job, and a few years passed every quickly. Eventually, I was named head custodian. I soon became very interested in the workings of Heating and Air Conditioning systems. I completed a lot of minor repairs around the building where I was employed. Anytime there was a major heating or cooling concern, an outside corporation was called in. The certified HVAC guys obviously made good money. They also seemed to be very knowledgeable. Air conditioners are actually complex machines. Despite all the moving parts, I started to catch on. I watched the guys any time they handled repairs or inspections. One of the Heating and Air Conditioning technicians noticed me watching and started offering some advice on what I should do to get into the HVAC service business. I figured out that I could go to evening classes and get a HVAC certified, regardless of my education history. Learning a trade like HVAC service is more valuable than any diploma or degree. I decided to get serious and study for the first time ever. I am a little stressed because the Heating and Air Conditioning certification exam is coming up and I so want to pass it.


HVAC professional