I found a good job with an HVAC company

My mom and dad always hoped that I would graduate from college. I simply never liked school and couldn’t wait to graduate high school. I had no plans to continue my education. It was my Grandpa who took me aside and asked what I planned to do with my life. He said that it was fine if I wasn’t interested in college, but I needed to figure out a way to support myself. At the time, I wasn’t worried about my future. I was fine with taking odd jobs or delivering pizzas. I only wanted enough money to get by. Eventually, however, I came to realize that my grandpa was right. I needed a career path. I wanted to earn enough money to have my own place. I went for an interview at an HVAC service company. I was direct with the owner and told him that I hadn’t done very well at school. I promised work hard and was willing to take on long hours. I knew absolutely nothing about Heating and Air Conditioning systems. I had no clue how to begin an installation, repair or maintenance job. When I got hired, I simply handled a whole bunch of little tasks around the shop. I wasn’t involved with any type of service for Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. I tried to do a really good job. I was always on time, stayed late when necessary and signed up for overtime when needed. I kept my mouth shut and tried to learn from the other guys. I finally got promoted to an HVAC technician assistant. I simply carried the tools, handled the driving, and managed the clean up for a senior HVAC technician. I didn’t mind. He taught me all about heating and cooling equipment. I eventually studied and earned my NATE-certification. I became a licensed HVAC contractor and have enjoyed a twenty year career in the field.
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Cape Town, South Africa