Installing heating and cooling into a greenhouse

I didn’t get interested in horticulture until later in life.

Gardening has turned it into a true passion. After my retirement, I found myself at a loss of what do do. Playing shuffleboard or bingo simply didn’t appeal to me. When I finally tried gardening, I was not real good at it. Everything I planted ended up dead. Instead of giving up, I became determined to learn and improve. I read up on the subject and started some new plants, with much better results. Three years later, I am enjoying the convenience of the custom built greenhouse I designed and ordered. When I realized that I wanted to grow orchids and some more exotic plants, I knew I’d need a venue with complete control over the temperature and humidity. Some of the plants I grow have very particular moisture requirement. Growing them in a sealed greenhouse with an HVAC system and a humidifier makes all the difference. I am now able to breed my own plants and flowers for shows. The Heating and Air Conditioning system was a sizable investment but worth it. Even if it’s just a hobby, I am enjoying my horticulture projects. I am totally satisfied with my temperature control system installed in the greenhouse. During the winter, it is especially handy. Having access to heating allows me to nurse a lot of delicate breeds that wouldn’t otherwise survive during the winter. If everything goes according to plan, I hope to build a second greenhouse with temperature control by this time next year.


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Cape Town, South Africa