The journey of 1000 miles

The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step.

That’s what some famous old dead dude said a million years ago, and yet we still remember it because it applies to so many situations.

Any time there is an ordeal to go through in order to get what you want, I call it a journey of a thousand miles. The latest and best example of this sentiment is the house I inherited last year. I remember visiting my aunt and uncle there as a kid, and it’s a nice enough place but needs a whole lot of work. My journey of a thousand miles involved the mess of an HVAC system they had in there. I liked the house and found myself owning the house, but without a completely renovated central HVAC system I could not live in the house. Don’t get me wrong and think I was being picky, this wasn’t just the air conditioner not working. The house was very old, and the HVAC equipment, right down the ductwork, was all older than 20 years of age. It was old enough they needed to do special tests, completely remove all the air ducts, and start from scratch. It was a nice surprise finding out I suddenly owned a house, but now with all this HVAC work it was costing me thousands of dollars! But if I never took the first step I could never live there, so I bit the bullet so to speak and called in an HVAC expert to come up with a plan.


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