Willing to fix heating and cooling systems for a home-cooked meal

At the present time, I have no job.

I am retired and have been out of work for the last 4 years.

I have enough saved in the bank that I don’t need to work again, so I am certainly fortunate. I also get easily bored, so even if I am not forced to work, I prefer to get out and do things. I have chosen to devote a lot of my time helping people out in small ways. I am putting my experience to use and saving people some money while I am at it. I don’t charge for my help, but will ask for a home cooked meal or a case of beer. The people don’t have easy access to an Heating and Air Conditioning contractor t in these parts. The nearest contractor is almost an hour away. When someone has an emergency with their furnace, they can call me others and I am always willing to take a look. I was employed as an HVAC repairman for around twenty years. Although I don’t keep up with everything new on the market, I know how to troubleshoot just about any concern with any type of heater. Even if I can’t fix it, I can usually get it working for a while longer. Summers are not problem for me. If someone has a problem with their A/C, it’s not much of an emergency. Our weather is never that severe. During the winter, we experience some very cold temperatures. Without a working heating system, you simply can’t get by. For that reason, I am more than willing to donate my time to check anyone’s boiler or furnace furnace. Everyone is always very appreciative.

HVAC repairman