A temperature controlled location to play

Having a child with special needs can be a Blessing as well as a challenge.

Our 10 year old son was born with Down Syndrome as well as the people I was with and I have l earned many things throughout his life.

We try to raise him just like any other child but there are some concessions that need to be made for his overall health as well as safety. We found that one of the things that affects his mood greatly is the weather. If he is too tepid or too chilly he tends to shut down as well as get irritated. We wanted to develop a space for him as well as others that had the same type of situation. Our group of friends got together as well as decided to hold a fundraiser to build an indoor playground that could be enjoyed year round. There was an empty big box store that had stood abandoned for the past several years as well as the people I was with and I knew that if the people I was with and I could get the funding as well as sponsorship the people I was with and I could make it into a perfect place. We even had plans to talk with multiple vendors about opening up eateries as well as gift shops to help business. If the people I was with and I had a membership type fee for people to use the facility it could turn out to be perfect for so many people. It would be heating in the Wintertide as well as cooled in the summer. We could have adaptive device that would allow children as well as people with disabilities to utilize the space too. We are still laboring on the venture as well as hope to have it up as well as running later this year. This is a winning occasion for many people as well as could be the answer to our son’s situation as well as make him actually happy.

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