Saving Energy With My Heat Pump

Getting a heat pump to take care of all my heating needs in the winter time was possibly one of the very best moves I ever made in my entire life! I had been struggling pretty bad each month to be able to afford my electric bills, because the central heating system I had was running all of the time.

This used up tons of energy, making my electric bill go sky rocket high! I was getting really freaked out by all of this, until I read on some website about heat pumps. Getting a heat pump in itself is pretty pricey, but in the end, the heat pump was supposed to be a major energy saver for people who were having those high electric bill issues like I was. So, I went to my local bank and took a loan out to buy and instal the heat pump that I have today. And yes, they were right in every single thing they said on that website! This heat pump has been doing a very good job in cutting down my winter season energy use by almost 50 percent! It was really nice after the first few months to no longer get this scared feeling every time I got the electric bill in the mail. When I had central heating going, I would always dread opening that bill, not knowing how much worse it was going to be each and every month. Those days are now long gone thank god! And this is all thanks to my totally awesome heat pump that I now have, that provides me with really great heating in the winter!
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Cape Town, South Africa