A little more a/c

I was lucky enough to earn a bonus at work, so I’m planning to use the extra cash wisely.

I’m going to live in my house under air conditioning unit, by remodeling the old house above the garage.

My oldest son, Joe will be staying there and he’s even going to help with the construction. This living space has not been “livable” for quite some time. Cooling has never been installed, but I’ve always wanted to get that space under air conditioning system and lived in. Placing a new air conditioning system back into that area will add to my overall square footage under air conditioning system. I feel like there is no better time than now to remodel that space, including new appliances and heating and cooling. I’ve decided to install the ductless mini-split heating and cooling unit to the brand new apartment. The ductless mini-split technology is really what the name implies and duct labor is not that important. Ductlabor would just take up fancy space that I don’t have. My research has shown me that the ductless mini-split technology works well in other Heating as well as Air Conditioning situations, and not just ductless environments! Such as heating or cooling areas of the house that does not get enough Heating and Air Conditioning for some reason. Maybe the up-to-date Heating and Air Conditioning unit is not big enough and you just need a small amount of heating or cooling help, and interestingly enough, the ductless heating and cooling method can easily connect with existing air conditioning system HVAC duct. The ductless mini-split heating and cooling method installs simply and unobtrusively with little hardware and bit of electrical knowledge. My kid and I can’t wait to get that remodel done!
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