Dad is having problems

My elderly dad called me the other day to tell myself and others that her house was unquestionably hot.

Of course I had to ask him if she had the air conditioner on.

Dad said the air conditioning system was on but was not blowing any cool air out for some reason. I told the guy I’d ask my partner, Mike to stop by later in the afternoon. She can assess the air conditioner situation for us & verify if all of us need an air conditioning unit repair business. So I sent a call over to Mike at work, knowing that she would soon be leaving her night job and heading back home. Dealing with her father-in-law’s failing a/c is the last thing that Mike wants to do right away. However with these Summer temperatures, I simply can’t allow our dad to stay in a home separate from toiling air conditioning system. Mike went by to see our dad & found the home quite hot & separate from air conditioning system. I had already took off for work by the time Dad had called, so I wasn’t much help. However, after Mike reported on the air conditioning system, I was able to help with HVAC contacts from the office. I was able to give some PC & website support for Mike & my father, and with the local HVAC provider websites & attacks, I was able to schedule an air conditioning system repair business abruptly. Due to the fact that it was going to be a couple of afternoons separate from air conditioning system, Mike took Dad over to our locale. It will be two full days before the HVAC business can come by, then the air conditioning system will be back on & her house will be cooled down with air conditioner once again.

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