Getting My Dad An Expensive Birthday Gift

I am not one to go overboard on birthday gifts for people, even for family.

  • It is just something i’ve never done.

The only time I usually go all out on gifts is at Christmas time for close family. Other than that, you can call me the cheapest person on the entire planet earth! But let me tell you, I made an exception recently for my father’s birthday. He was going to turn 70 years old, and he had been talking about how he wanted to have a multi split a/c for his workshop he keeps in the garage. I thought this would be a great thing if I was to buy him that multi split a/c system. I mentioned it to my mother, and she thought it would be a great idea that would make him very happy. My mom mentioned that she was thinking about buying the multi split a/c for him, but there was no way she could afford to do it without my father knowing she bought something over one hundred dollars. So, I actually went for it! What I did was not actually buy the multi split a/c system myself. But, I got him a gift voucher for a multi split a/c system. I remember when my father got the gift from me, it looked like my usual cheapo gifts. Which is just a birthday card with 50 bucks in it. He was so happy when he opened the card. He said he was going to go and redeem the gift voucher the following weekend, and get himself that multi split air conditioning system that always wanted for his garage workshop.



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