Ideal heating in the workplace

I have never understood why our cheap boss is such a penny pincher in the workplace! When he has been told about anything convenient or new, he immediately rejects the offer and never gives it any further consideration.

The worst thing is that our heating plus air conditioning equipment has been exhausting itself lately.

Our boss has literally spent thousands of dollars on repairing our air conditioner units, plus our old furnaces that also barely work. When the heating plus air conditioning equipment is ever working, it is so old that it must cost a fortune to keep the temperature comfortable inside. And, since I have a job in accounting, I think that our corporation can afford to purchase newer heating plus air conditioning equipment. I can’t even imagine having a working furnace plus a reliable air conditioner for a change. They could acquire tax credits plus keep their workers diligently working. Whenever the temperature in the workplace is too uncomfortable, the workers become miserable. Angry workers always means underperforming workers. When you can keep your workers comfortable, through the use of proper heating plus air conditioning equipment, then you can make them perform better. It is unquestionably difficult to write or type when you have sweat dripping down your head plus arm because the air conditioner broke down for the second time this month. It is equally difficult to write carefully when your hand is numb from the cold because the central furnace is barely keeping the room above 40 degrees. Though our boss isn’t willing to pay the price for up-to-date heating plus air conditioning equipment, he is paying even more in repair bills plus lousy work done by his disgruntled employees… Maybe we should sign a petition to request up-to-date heating plus air conditioning equipment. Maybe we could request an increased workload for all of us if we get a up-to-date central furnace at least!



Air conditioning workman