My Dad called about his non-working air conditioner

My elderly dad called to tell me that his house was very hot.

Naturally I had to ask him if he had the air conditioning on.

Dad said the A/C was on but was not blowing any cool air out. I told him I’d ask my husband, Mike to stop by later in the morning. He can assess the air conditioning situation for us and verify if we need an A/C repair company. So I called Mike at work, knowing that he would soon be leaving his night job and returning home. Dealing with his father-in-law’s failing air conditioner is the last thing that Mike wants to do right now. But with these summer temperatures, we can’t allow my dad to stay in a home without working A/C. So Mike went by to see my dad and found the home quite hot and without A/C. I had already left for work by the time Dad had called, so I wasn’t much help. However, after Mike reported on the A/C, I was able to help with HVAC contacts from the office. I was able to offer some phone and website support for Mike and Dad. With the local HVAC provider websites and links, I was able to schedule an A/C repair company quickly. Since it was going to be a couple of days without A/C, Mike took Dad over to our place. It will be two days before the HVAC company can come by. Then the A/C will be back on and his house will be cooled down with air conditioning once again.

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