Proper HVAC makes people more productive in the workplace

I have never understood why my boss is such a penny pincher in the workplace.

  • When he has learned about anything convenient or new, he immediately rejects the offer without giving it any further consideration.

For instance, our HVAC equipment has been terrible lately. We have spent thousands of dollars on repairing our air conditioner units, and our furnaces barely work. When the HVAC equipment is working, it is so old that it must cost a fortune to keep the temperature comfortable. Since I work in accounting, I know that our company can afford to purchase newer HVAC equipment. Imagine having a working heater and a reliable air conditioner. They could earn tax credits and keep their workers happy. Whenever the temperature in the workplace is uncomfortable, the workers become angry. Angry workers mean poor workers. When you can keep your workers comfortable, through the use of HVAC equipment, then you can make them work harder. It is very difficult to write or type when you have sweat dripping down your head and arm because the air conditioner broke down for the fifth time this month. It is equally hard to write steadily when your hand is shaking from the cold because the furnace is barely keeping the room above freezing. Though our boss isn’t willing to pay the price for new HVAC equipment, he is paying even more in repair bills and lousy work done by disgruntled employees. Maybe we should sign a petition to suggest new HVAC equipment. Maybe we could suggest an increased workload for all of us if we get a new furnace at least!

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