Why do I carry a blanket around in my apartment

“What is a grown man doing carrying a blanket around the house?” That is what all of my friends think and ask whenever I invite them to my house.

They haven’t taken off their jackets yet to experience what I have had to deal with ever since I got married.

My house is freezing cold. It isn’t because of a draft problem or because my furnace doesn’t work well. In fact, my furnace is top quality compared to most furnaces on the market. The reason that my house is so cold is that my wife loves to set the thermostat at low temperatures. She is from the north, and she can handle colder temperatures than most men, including me. If I had my way, I would turn the furnace on full-blast and completely throw away our air conditioners. However, I want to do whatever I can to make my wife happy, even if that means letting her control the thermostat. I usually just bundle up and keep a blanket with me at all times. I would rather have my house too cold than too warm. You can only take off so many layers to fight the heat, but you can always dress warmer. My friends make fun of me, but once they see the thermostat setting, they ask for a blanket too. Remember this lesson when you meet your future spouse. HVAC settings may seem like a pretty minor thing right now, but your comfort depends on you agreeing with each other. Otherwise, you will have to let her adjust the thermostat and hand you a blanket.
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