Though I don’t think all technology is good, the furnace is definitely good

Technology is the bane of society in my opinion.

  • The technology was supposed to promise us convenience, but in the end, it made our lives more complicated.

Sure, washing laundry with a scrub board took longer, but you didn’t have to fix or replace a scrub board. It is also a lot cheaper. Some technology can be more complicated, and I think moderation is definitely the key to using technology. With that being said, I think that furnaces are a piece of technology that is definitely superior to other equipment. Furnaces are a commonplace in houses now, and they require no supervision or work on the consumers part. Before, you had to wake up and stack firewood in the fireplace to keep your family warm. This poor heating system wasn’t as safe for water pipes and wood that could be easily warped. With the furnace, your house is constantly heated to the same temperature. Furnaces are also much safer than fireplaces. Unlike space heaters and open flames, furnaces reduce the cost of house fires significantly. Furthermore, it is actually cheaper to purchase, install, and repair a furnace than a fireplace. The only thing that I can think of that you lose with a fireplace is the romantic atmosphere, but a furnace does give you more room in your living room to make it cozier. Finally, electricity isn’t as cheap as wood, but since you pay for electricity at the end of the month, you don’t have to worry about your furnace shutting down in the middle of the night. No more chopping wood and keeping a huge supply for your fireplace.

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