A long day at the job calls for a long night of excellent A/C

After a long day of hard work, the last thing that you want to do is come back to an uncomfortable house when you just want to relax! You want dinner to be ready, the kids to be well-mannered, and any problems from work are to be left behind at the office.

Am I right, or what? My husband is usually great at making the house comfortable, as he even goes the extra mile with our cooling system! While he prefers to save some money on cooling our house throughout the summer, this usually means that when I am away at work, he’s got the cooling system down pretty low.

That way, we’re not having to waste cash. Besides, the children are always running in & out of the house! That of course means that we lose a lot of the cool air that the cooling system provides over time. However, about an hour before I get home, my dear husband will crank the cooling system to a cooler setting. All this, just so that it will be nice & chilly when I get home from my job! With work going all day in the sun & heat, it feels so very lovely to walk indoors, feeling the cool air as it makes myself feel as though nothing could be wrong in the world. I take off my boots, feel cold air on my feet, and feel much more relaxed! The cooling system cools me down a good deal, just so I can relax in my home with my dear family.


Cooling workman

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