Animal shelter job and no a/c

A few months back I decided to volunteer at the animal shelter.

I thought it would be fantastic to do something great for the area plus since I have a love for animals.

I thought it would be fun for me as well. I easily do like caring for animals, but I must say that the Heating plus A/C plan at the animal shelter is not all that great. I have asked them about changing the temperature control settings only to discover that the Heating plus A/C plan was basically the most ancient model on the market. It doesn’t matter how much you adjust the temperature control, it will be overheated in the shelter in the summer, plus it will be relatively freezing in the Winter time weeks. I feel entirely awful for the pets plus the shelter is packed. All of us were easily strict about taking in too many dogs and cats because all of us entirely couldn’t handle so many without some of the workers taking some home. The worst thing of all would be to have to put some of the older animals down, or even healthy dogs that had no chance of being adopted. I have picked up a few pets already because I didn’t want to see them be put down. Now they are able to like a proper living space with fantastic temperature control at our house. I would take more to my house if I could, but I can’t take care of that many animals with just myself.

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