Beach day and filling the fireplace

I had a fantastic time this past weekend when all of our friends got together on the beach to have a party! All of us had all kinds of wood crates plus plenty of wood pieces plus just loaded it all in the fireplace. When both of us got that fireplace burning, the heat from the bonfire was harsh! It was on a relatively cold night as well so it absolutely felt entirely fantastic being close to the fireplace. All of us had a fun time with all sorts of healthy food plus drink options. It was a real comfort being near that roaring fireplace on the beach. When all of us eventually put the fire to rest in the fireplace towards the end of the night, we all had a little afterparty at a beach house that our neighbor owns. It was a great time because he had the temperature control settings just right, plus a lot of people decided to stay the night at his pretty beach home. He didn’t mind in the least, so long as nobody broke anything or tried to steal anything from him. Of course, both of us were all good pals there so both of us had no problems like that. I was just thankful that the heating plan worked so well in his space plus both of us were able to crash on one of the sofas because my husband and I were too hammered to drive. The next day, both of us got lunch and hung out for a bit.

a/c repair

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