Don’t forget to test the current – and I’m not talking about the ocean here

What is the most important thing an Heating & A/C worker could do before getting to work on any cooling system or gas furnace in your home? Well, for one, getting the right tools, skills and parts in order is a big one.

Another big step to consider when a Heating & A/C professional has to fix any cooling system or gas furnace is ensuring the electricity is off. Whatever appliance you are now working on must be powered down and disconnected! This is especially true for Heating & A/C units, which rely solely on electricity to function and are always “on”. Even houses that have gas-controlled furnaces or cooling systems should have the power turned off first! At a minimum, the hand could be severely burned from contact with an electrically charged appliance. There’s also the risk of sudden onset heart attacks – lovely, right? If you turn off the breaker that is supposed to be for the gas furnace or cooling system, always make sure to check it with a multimeter before taking the component apart. Simply saying that “the power board is cut off” isn’t good enough! They also sell testers that beep whenever it finds an electrical current near it, and that’s a pricey resource but a very useful one. When working on Heating & A/C appliances, it’s invaluable to have! With a neighbor that worked as an Heating & A/C professional, he once managed to shock himself so badly that his heart stopped. Don’t be like my neighbor!
Dual fuel system

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