He was upset over the a/c

Last week my gal pals and I all decided to do a spa day in my house. We did homemade face masks plus had the cucumbers over our eyes. When my spouse needed to come talk to me about something, he was heading up the stairs when we were going downstairs. When he saw us, he got entirely freaked out plus fell down the stairs. I think it was our pink faces that kind of scared him because he didn’t notice us. Then he thought we looked like some kind of monster. Everyone left and I rushed him to the hospital… He was able to move around, although he was hurt pretty bad in his back area. Fortunately, there were no broken bones, just a few scrapes plus bumps on him. He kept complaining about the temperature control settings at the hospital though. When I asked the nurse if the temperature control settings could be adjusted so he could heat up a little bit, they said they had to keep the air conditioner settings higher so that germs would not go around the space. He was saying that it was far too cold in there plus they were easily trying to freeze him to death. When my boyfriend said he was going to just leave, they wanted him to stay although he gave them such a hard time, they ended up discharging him from the hospital. All of this was over the extreme ac in the place. I know there is a reason for it, but come on.

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