How rare is it for the air conditioning to be overpowered?

When I got up and out of bed this morning, I couldn’t stand another minute of being in this house! See, it wasn’t the people in the house – nor was it the things in the house, for that matter. In fact, it was the cooling system in our house that was mostly responsible! See, my husband has been increasing the control component for the A/C system lately. His aim is to make our house colder & colder, which has been bothering me quite a bit! What is needed is for the house to be more timid, not ice-cold! With the cooling system though, our house feels unnaturally cold almost all day and night. It feels as though early winter has come to stay in our home’s walls! The cooling system feels so thorough in the house too, so I end up feeling trapped in its cold grasp. I have never felt this way about our gas furnace! The more that you use your gas furnace, the warmer that you feel, too – that’s how it should be with the A/C! Still, the cold outside in the Winter can leave you feeling out of sync. The furnace will still keep you warm though, as the cooling system running leads me to feel an intense urge to stay somewhere else. I had to escape the control component multiple times recently, all due to its extremely cool temperatures! At least this week, the temperature has been more bearable – and allowing me to relax for a change.
Cooling workman

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