The gas furnace is busted and due for replacement!

When the gas furnace broke down last winter, I was already pretty confident that things couldn’t get any worse.

However, one of my friends recently had their gas furnace broke down. They told me and some other friends about how they called this Heating & A/C professional, and asked them to come and fix their gas furnace before the week was up. When they found out how much it would cost to fix their gas furnace, my dear buddy wound up switching up, saying he’d be able to do the job himself for a much cheaper cost! From there, he did his research online and found that he was pretty sure the issue was easy enough to fix. He took his gas furnace apart, found the broken component, and replaced the part before putting the furnace back together. Everything worked fine from there! Such a tale left me pretty motivated, as I decided that I would try to fix my own gas furnace much like my friend did. Like my buddy, I took my gas furnace apart, and I didn’t discover anything that looked obviously broken. Researching the potential issues online led me to see that many possible things could be broken with our gas furnace! I had no real idea of where to start, so I decided to try one of the repairs myself. I planned to try one after the other, until the gas furnace worked again. Unfortunately taking something apart led to me breaking a component, and the furnace was now beyond my fixing. I had no choice – I had to call the Heating & A/C professionals!
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